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From late neolithic age, this land which was near Taihu Lake became more active. Discoveries of Pengzudun Site, Hongkoudun Site ,Yangjia Site, Luotuodun Site and Qitoushan Site of Majiabang Culture,Xianlidun Site,Chidun Site and Xuandun Site of Songze Culture and Gaochengdun Site, Qiuchengdun Site of Liangzhu Culture and Shecheng Site of Maqiao Culture indicated that Wuxi entered the civilized age in a magnificent manner. This land had gone through the bronze age civilization including Xia Dynasty and Shang Dynasty , represented by Huashan Site and Shecheng Site.At the end of the Shang Danysty, Taibo Brothers settled down in Meili, which not only established the system frame for the development of social economy, but also created Wu Culture which had significant influences on history process. Since the Qin and Han Dynasty Dynasties, this land witnessed giant transformation great changes fom clumsiness to elegance and from military worship to civilion adoration. It became one of the most prosperous regions of Chinese agricultural economy in the Tang and Song Dynasty Dynasties. However, the most remarkable achievement along the history of Wuxi was the development of business economy in the Ming and Qing Dynasty Dynasties, especially prosperity for a hundred years since the modern period. With the geographic advantages of convenient transportation owing to rivers and lakes nearby, with the cultural gene of being hardworking, earnest and innovative, together with people’s untiring exploration and exploitation under the background of social reformation, this land cultivated the most florid flower of industrial and commercial culture of modern China and made Wuxi become one of the cradles of China national industry and commerce.

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