Notice to Visitors

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Visiting Hour:

9:00-17:00 (No admission after 16:00)

(Wuxi Museum is open to the public for free all year round. )

Guide of Visiting

1.Group visit must be booked three days in advance, and the visitors should enter with a letter ofrecognition from their organization or institute under the approval of the museum staff. Any change of visiting must be notified by in advance.

2.Visitors who are not appropriately dressed will not be admitted; Mental patients or intoxicated persons will not be admitted.

3. Children or disabled visitors shall be accompanied by their parents or relatives.

4. A security check is required for every visitor before they enter the museum.

5. Weapons, inflammable materials or explosives are not allowed. Pets, large luggage or polluting items are not allowed.

6.Please do not touch the exhibits. There is full compensation for any damage.

7. No loud talking, no smoking, no littering, no climbing or lying down in the museum.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Reservation Tel:0510-85727500、85727600
Information Tel :0510-85727500、85727600
Complaints Tel :0510-85727681
Policy Information Tel:0510-85727500、85727600

Getting here

Bus Routes:

Bus NO. 5、29、31、57、81 to Jin Kui Qiao Station/ Yun He dong Station
Bus NO. 23、24、70、113、118、135、358 to Jinming Road Station / Wenhua Road Station

Prices of Museum Guide:

A. Basic Tour. Price 100RMB Yuan per group of 30 or less. If visitors are more than 30, they need to be divided into groups by our staff.

B. Each Tour will visit 3 exhibition areas. Additional areas can be included at a cost of 50 RMB Yuan per area.

C. Groups exceeding a total of 100 people cannot be accommodated with this service.


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